Keeping Your Pet Safe On July 4th

Friday, July 4, 2008

Three years ago, our dog - Shadow - ran away on July 4th. We never found him, and blamed ourselves because we left him in the backyard. The fireworks from nearby parties probably frightened him and caused him to jump the fence.

Here are some tips for keeping your pet safe:

1. Don’t leave your pet outside alone.

2. If you must leave, keep your pet inside in a quiet area – or leave the television or radio playing at a normal volume.

3. Don’t take your pet with you to fireworks displays or parties.

4. Don’t leave your pet inside your car – even if the windows are open.

6. Make sure your pet has your contact information attached to its collar.

7. Microchip your pet.

Have a Happy Independence Day!


caitlin said...

Hi! Thanks for the public service announcement.
Sorry to hear about your dog. We had a similar experience with our cat.
I recently began reading your blog, and would like to ask if it's ok for me to have put you in my blog reading links?

Erin said...

Absolutely! Thanks for reading!