Weekly Geeks #7 - Where I Live

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have lived most of my life in the desert. As a child, it was awful - hot, dry, hot, brown, hot, dusty, and did I mention hot??? As an adult, I can't imagine ever leaving the desert. I have traveled around the world and lived in beautiful places but the beauty of the desert still chokes me up.

People sometimes find it difficult to believe that the desert is full of life. Today, I saw rabbits, lizards, birds, and even a lonely steer.

He wasn't wild - he's a very well-fed steer.

Granted, there are time the heat is unbearable - today it is 104 - but, the winter's are mild and the skies are almost always blue.

And, of course, no place I live would be complete without my babies - human and spoiled.